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Turkish Humatrope is it any good

We often get asked about the Quality of Humatrope from Turkey

Humatrope is made in Turkey (amongst other countries) and sold there. Lilly is a multinational global company and as such has operations all over the world. The Lilly pharmaceutical factory in Turkey produces the same drugs as it does in the west. The manufacturing process and sterility of the factory are the same as you would expect anywhere in the US or Europe. BUY IT HERE

humatrope 72iu 24mg turkey
Humatrope made in Tukey

Why is it cheaper? there must be something wrong with it

Absolutely not. It has the same potency and purity as it does in any other factory in the world. It has to be to licensed by the Turkish state, where it is sold in pharmacies and used in hospitals. There is a couple of reasons why its cheaper than in the west:

  1. It costs Lilly less to produce because of lower wage costs and raw materials.
  2. Turkey is not an affluent country so Lilly prices the product according to what people will pay.

This is great news for anybody who wants a pharmaceutical grade product for underground lab prices.

How do I use it?

turkish humatrope
humatrope lilly pen

If you have used Humatrope before you will be able to use the Turkish product with no problems. We say this because obviously all the packaging and literature is printed in Turkish. So if you don’t know what your doing it could be a concern. We get around this problem at HGH UK because we include a printed instruction sheet in English. In any case there are plenty of videos on youtube demonstrating the use of the Humatrope pen.

Does Turkish humatrope work the same way as the ones we’re used to in the west

lilly humatrope hgh
Literature is in Turkish but we provide instructions in English

Yes the Humatrope pen produced by Lilly in Turkey works exactly the same as the product which is sold in the US or Europe. Its the same pen and cartridge combination and the same ease of use which makes it so popular. It comes in 12mg and 24mg combinations, 36iu and 72iu respectively. The 72iu humatrope is more readily available in Turkey. In the US its usually only obtainable in hospitals so it can be difficult to get.

Are there many fakes out there?

Not really. Because Turkish humatrope is already cheaper the fakers tend to leave it alone and concentrate on the English language versions. So if you have the Turkish humatrope it is much less likely to be faked.

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  1. All information serial numbers on the bottom of box are identical surely each individual Turkish 72 iu humatrope would have its own unique serial number per box ?

  2. Where? i cant see what your talking about

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