Turbovital IGF1

IGF1 Turbovital explained

Turbovital is just the brand name. IGF1-Long R3 is the abbreviation of Insulin Like Growth Hormone. The Long R3 part is a particular type of IGF1 which is know to have a longer half life in the body than basic IGF1. When people talk about IGF they are usually referring to IGF1-Long R3

What does IGF1-Long R3 do?

When HGH is produced (or injected) into the human body it does a variety of things. One of those things is to produce IGF1. Insulin like growth factor is responsible for a number of processes in the body. Its produced in spades during the pubertal spurt but lesser so during adulthood.

  • Its prevents ageing of the muscle
  • Its anti-catabolic so preserves muscle mass
  • It leads to formation of new muscle cells
  • Increases the size of muscle cells
  • Has a positive effect on cartilage, tendons and ligaments

You can use it to increase your muscle potential

Whilst Insulin Like Growth factor probably wont put on size the way some of the more potent steroids do. It will do something that they cannot. Make NEW muscle cells. This its probably its unique selling point in the bodybuilding world. This means that you are no longer held back by your genetics. You can heighten the glass ceiling with this product. This is because you can further develop any new muscle cells with traditional steroids further into your training. It give you more muscle potential to work on.

Also because its beneficial for connective tissue (ie tendons) its great for heavy lifting. Have you ever seen anybody with a snapped tendon? Its not a pretty site. So although this product is good for anybody wanting to improve their muscle mass. Its especially good for the older body builder. This is because of the betterment of the tendons and the ability to preserve muscle.

100mcg Turbovital IGF1-Long R3 vials

Its not the best product to get rid of fat

Insulin like growth factor is not thought to increase fat metabolism. So its not supposed to burn fat. But, some users report some fat loss with it. This is thought to be because of its similarity to Insulin and the regulation of sugar. So if its fat your looking to get rid of its probably better to go with normal HGH.

IGF1-Long R3 dosages

Its usual to take about 40mcg per day for about one month. Its best to inject straight into muscle. It doesn’t really matter which muscle as it will work its way around the body. This is due to its long lasting properties. Some body builders prefer to inject into the muscle they are training for that day. Its not really known if this works but it certainly doesn’t lessen any effect.  IGF1 is also great to stack with anabolic steroids. This is because the anabolic steroids work on the new muscle cells that the IGF is producing. This is the best way to get some decent result with this hormone.