Taitropin is made in China by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Holding Company

Taitropin is the full 191 amino acid human growth hormone. Its made by recombinant methods. Basically this means its been made synthetically in the lab. Its identical to the HGH produced naturally in the human body. Until a few years ago Taitropin was just an ordinary run of the mill HGH freeze dried powder. It didn’t have a great reputation until new management took over at the Kong Pharmaceutical Holding Company where its manufactured.

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Today Taitropin has a great reputation. Its become renowned for its purity and therefore also its potency. Its one of the strongest HGH products on the market today. It can be used for any of the purposes a normal HGH powder would be used for such as body building. It comes as a powder so it must be mixed with water before it can be injected, usually with an insulin syringe. It can be stored for many months when its in the powder form. After it has been mixed it must be used within 30 days. It should always be kept in the fridge but never frozen as this will render it useless.

What kind of results can I expect from it

Because its a very potent HGH product the results it produces are amazing. It will bring about explosive muscle growth and incredible strength. Its great for increasing lean body mass. So if you are underweight and need to gain weight this is the product for you. best of all the weight that you do put on will be toned muscle and not fat. It also brings about a substantial increase in strength. Suddenly you will find that you are able to increase those training weights at the gym. You will be able to lift heavier weights and train harder. You will also find recovery times between training sessions shorter. If you combine Taitropin with a high protein, high calorie diet you can expect amazing results in a matter of months. Best of all it doesn’t look forced or bloated like body builders can when using steroids.

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Taitropin will bring about massive muscle and strength

What else is it good for?

Its also great for increasing libido and energy levels. HGH levels are highest in our youth in this is partly why the sex drive is highest at this age. Its well documented that natural HGH levels go down drastically as we age. If you replace the hormone by injecting Taitropin it will replace any lost sex drive. Its also great for reducing wrinkles. It does this by increasing the amount of collagen in our skins. It also increases the hydration of the skin. This also helps to smooth out wrinkles.

Taitropin wasn’t around in the 70’s and 80’s. Body builders in those time had to rely on steroids to get a helping hand to attain their goals. HGH is a much better product and is now widely available.