Click Easy Saizen pens

Merck Serono is the company behind the Saizen Click Easy HGH pen.  As you would expect from a blue chip company such as Merck Serono, the pens are of pharmaceutical grade HGH. The pens are primarily diagnosed for children or adults who have a deficiency in human growth hormone. Of course anybody wanting HGH for body building or anti-ageing purposes can use this product.

The pens contain pharmaceutical grade HGH

Most people want the pens for body building. This is the biggest non medical use for them. If money is no object its one of the preferred products that body builders like to use. It packs on muscle. It increases strength and bone density. It gives greater energy levels. It also improves sleep and libido. Body builders also get  the added bonus of staying younger. This is because HGH is known to thicken skin and increase collagen, produce faster growing hair and nails and reduce body fat especially around the waist.

8mg Saizen Click Easy

We have for sale 8mg (24iu) Click easy pens. The pens are very easy to ease. They are made for their ease of use and even children can use them. These days though we probably sell most to body builders. A close second are those looking to slow the ageing process using HGH.

Fakes aren’t much of a problem

Merck Serono have a very robust policy when it comes to those they think of faking their products. They are on top of the problem. Merck use a company called Thomsen Trampedach to monitor online fake  online Saizen products. Because of this when you find some for sale on the web. You can be fairly confident that it has found its way from the Merck Serono group of companies. And, is therefore genuine.

Of course you also have the option of verifying the product with the authentication codes online.

The pens contain dry powder which is reconstituted with solvent

Each Saizen Click Easy pen contains 8mg of dry powder. The powder is covered with a seal with is broken. The solvent (bacteriostatic water) is then forced slowly into the powder to mix with it. It is then ready for injection. This all happens inside the pen so there is no messing about with syringes. Because the powder is dry inside the pen, they can be stored for a long time if kept in the fridge.


We provide the full pen including needles

Quite often whats not told to customers when they buy HGH is that they have to buy the needles separately. This can be very frustrating when you have everything in front of you and you can’t inject the damn stuff. Here at HGH UK we provide 24 Becton Dickinson needle tips with each 24iu pen. This means you can inject as little as 1iu per time and still have enough needles to use all of the product.

So just be to clear. When you buy a Saizen 8mg Click Easy pen from us you get the following: Pen, HGH Powder, Solvent (water), alcohol swabs, and needle tips. This is everything you need to begin using this Merck Serono HGH pen.