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Hypertropin 120iu

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10x12iu Vials of Hypertropin HGH with water included

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Product Description


NeoGenica BioScience Ltd the makers of Hypertropin make some truly outstanding claims for it. That its “The highest purity, 191 amino acid sequence, recombinant Human Growth Hormone”. While we admit that it is very good and comparable to Jintropin. It is not however purer than some of the Pharma Grade products that big pharma produces. These would be Genotropin, Norditropin etc.

How Good is it?

Its comparable to Jintropin because some of the technicians responsible for Jintropin are now working for NeoGenica BioScience to produce Hypertropin. It is a very good product but it has to be taken with a pinch of salt NeoGenicas claim that it is the highest purity HGH.

However it is a good product and here is a list of most of the desirable effects that any good HGH, including Hypertropin will bring about:


Desirable effects of growth hormone:


    • higher energy levels
    • improved blood pressure
    • faster tissue regeneration
    • faster growth of hair and nails
    • faster recovery after severe burns or injuries
    • increased endurance
    • deeper sleep
    • increased muscle mass
    • smoother skin
    • improved metabolism
    • strengthened immune system
    • stronger cardiac output
    • bone density improvement
    • increased libido (sex drive)
    • lower body fat
    • faster regeneration after physical activity
    • improved cholesterol levels
    • improved sight and hearing
    • prevention of muscle wasting
    • growth in children with stunted growth
    • prevent or alleviate osteoporosis

Dosing Hypertropin

The usual dose for someone wishing to slow the ageing process would be 2iu per day. 4iu per day is more suited to general body building. 8-16iu daily have been used in medical setting s for those recovering from injuries or burns.

Hypertropin Side effects

Carpal tunnel syndrome, this is where the muscle press down on the carpal nerve and produces tingles. Its not serious and soon subsides.

There can be some water retention (although not to the extent as seen with steroids) The water usually happens at doses above 4iu and is not considered serious. It soon disappears as the HGH dose is lowered or finished.

2 reviews for Hypertropin 120iu

  1. 4 out of 5


    Well got it OK, I guess I will come back and give a proper review after a few weeks of using it, looks authentic though.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Its strong just be aware of that when you are using it, I thought jintropin was good but this is better.

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