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Hygetropin 100iu

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10x10iu vials of HGH powder and water. Everything you need to mix and inject

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Product Description

Hygetropin is a freeze dried Somatropin powder

Hygetropin is one of the older more familiar brands of HGH on the market. Its a reliable and familiar human growth hormone that most HGH users will come across at some point.

Hygetropin comes in 100iu and 200iu Kits

Hygetropin comes in two different sizes. A 10x10iu (100iu) kit and a 25x8iu (200iu) Kit. They can be distinguished by the colour of the tops on the glass vials. Th e 100iu Kit has yellow tops. The 200iu Kit has blue/green tops. The one that we are selling on this page is the 100iu kit with yellow tops.

Hygetropin has a reliable reputation amongst users

Hygetropin is the full 191 amino acid freeze dried powder. We supply it with enough bacteriostatic water to mix all the the powder.


We hold stock in both the USA and UK so its only 1-2 business days delivery times to these countries. Worldwide shipping is 3-6 days. If you are ordering from Australia please contact us first to ask us about options available.

1 review for Hygetropin 100iu

  1. 5 out of 5


    Got my order delivered 6 days after collection of funds! Packed discreetly. Constant replies to all my queries! Definitely ordering again in a couple weeks and from now on. The speedy delivery is unbeatable.

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