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Humatrope 36iu

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Humatrope 36iu HGH cartridge and pen

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Product Description

Humatrope 36iu HGH pen

Humatrope is one of the most popular HGH pens on the market today. Along with Genotropin and Norditropin; Humatrope make up most of the market for HGH pens. The 12mg pen contains 36iu of HGH. Its stored dry in the cartridge and the water is in a separate compartment. When the pen is activated the HGH powder and water mix inside the pen. Its then an easy process of dialing in how much you want to use and inject it.

1 review for Humatrope 36iu

  1. 5 out of 5


    I made my first purchase with nervous trepidation but I needn’t have worried, my pens arrived 8 days after purchase and show every indication of being the genuine article, labels and serials check out as they should.
    Now that the trust has been established I’ll only be buying my gear from hghuk

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