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Glotropin 80iu

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Glotropin 10x8iu plus 10ml vial of water

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Product Description

Glotropin by Global Anabolic

Global Anabolic are a trusted name with numerous steroid products and to a lesser extent HGH and HCG. Glotropin is another one of those unsung hero’s that don’t get the credit they deserve. It consistently gets good reviews and the lab reports also show good results. Users also report good results as well, and thats the most important thing.

About the product

Glotropin is full 191 amino acid somatropin. Produced synthetically by the trusted recombinant method. The pack contains 10 vials of HGH powder each containing 8iu of powder. The box also has a 10ml bottle of bacteriostatic water. This is enough to mix the full 80iu HGH contained in the kit.

It will pack on muscle (as any good HGH will do). The good thing about glotropin when compared to anabolic steroids is the  side effects. Virtually all anabolic steroids will produce some kind of unwanted side effects. This is because they are alien to the body. They are all analogues of testosterone. However when using glotropin wisely you will not suffer any side effects. This is because its a product thats produced naturally by the human body. The body recognises it as something it would produce itself.

Side effects

OK we’ve just said there are no side effects when using this product and now we are talking about them. You will only suffer side effects if you start taking massive doses. The most common side effect is carpal tunnel syndrome. This happens because of the increase of muscle mass in the arms putting pressure on the nerves. Its not a serious side effect and will subside after time. Another side effect is acromegaly. This causes bones in the limbs and skull to grow leading to an unattractive appearance. Again though this is only experienced when taking massive does over a prolonged period of time,  usually years.

1 review for Glotropin 80iu

  1. 4 out of 5


    Got it quickly but one of the vials was cracked

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      weve sent you a replacement

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