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Gen-tropin Aqx

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5x30iu Glass vials of ready mixed HGH solution. Vials only, pens not included.

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Product Description

Gentropin Aqx is an aqueous HGH product

Not to be confused with Genotropin, Gen-tropin Aqx is a HGH cartridge which is quite unusual. Its unusual because the HGH and the solvent have already been mixed. This means when you receive it it’s already in the aqueous form hence the Aqx notation. It will last longer than most HGH cartridges which have been mixed by the user. Up to 6 weeks (once opened) in the fridge. This is because its been mixed in sterile conditions and this cant always be guaranteed when the product is mixed at home.

You can use a syringe to extract the solution

Each 30iu glass vial is sealed with a rubber skin. Its fine to use a syringe (usually an insulin syringe) to remove the HGH solution. This is an option that is recommended by the manufacturers BioGen Pharma.

1 review for Gen-tropin Aqx

  1. 5 out of 5


    Easy to use, no mixing would definitely buy it agin

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