dianabol stack clomid arimidex
dianabol stack clomid arimidex

Dianabol Clomid Arimidex stack

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1000x5mg Anabol, 30x50mg Clomid and 50x1mg Arimidex

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Product Description

The complete Dianabol Stack with all the ancillaries

You can take dianabol without any ancillaries or PCT and get some good results. However during your cycle some of the dianabol will convert to oestrogen and this can cause some problems. Oestrogen in the male body can lead to water retention. Also, what is worse is that it can lead to Gynaecomastia (sometimes referred to as “man boobs”). This problem is non reversible without surgery. So its probably best to stop it before its even begun.

Arimidex blocks the formation of Oestrogen

Without going into all the science behind it, its easier to say that arimidex stops the formation of oestrogen before its even begun. Other oestrogen inhibitors don’t stop its formation but merely stop it acting at the oestrogen receptors. Its for this reason that arimidex is considered one of the best products whilst taking steroids.

Clomid will bring back full testosterone production

Another thing that will happen when taking dianabol is that your body will stop producing natural testosterone. This is because you are flooding your system with an analogue of testosterone (dianabol). And so your body thinks there is too much in your system and so will switch off natural production. This causes problems when you finish your dianabol cycle and are left with maybe 1 month before you start producing any natural testosterone again.

This can be a problem because you will start to lose some of your gains until full testosterone production is back again. It can also affect your sex life. Its nearly impossible to get a meaningful erection without any testosterone in your body. Taking clomid at the end of the dianabol stack will kickstart your testes into producing testosterone again.

So when combining dianabol, clomid and arimidex in a anabolic steroid stack you will be protecting yourself against side effects. Not only will you protect yourself. You will keep all of your muscle gains. This is why you took the steroid in the first place. So it makes sense to protect your hard earned gains.

Typical Dianbol, clomid, arimdex doses

A 6 week cycle taking:

30-40mg dbol per day

0.5mg Arimidex per day

100mg Clomid per day starting 1 week after you finish the dianabol


Tip: Do not take any less than 25-30mg dianabol (anabol) per day. As this will only result in you replacing the natural testosterone in your body with the steroid. This means you will not get the benefit. You need to flood your system with the steroid.

2 reviews for Dianabol Clomid Arimidex stack

  1. 5 out of 5


    Bench pressing 30% more than I could a few weeks ago. Strength they give you is amazing

  2. 5 out of 5


    First time Ive used steroids and cant believe the lift its given me. Will always use this website for any orders from now on. Deffo recommend!!

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