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Human Growth Hormone USA

USA Customers are guaranteed delivery or full refund

We also sell HGH human growth hormone in the USA. We have a re-shipper who will ship orders with domestic shipping in the USA. We can ship most products domestically but sometimes we may not have a particular product in stock. We then ship this from abroad. If this concerns you please contact us first before you order to check on HGH stock availability in the USA.

We take payments by bitcoin

To protect both ourselves and our customers we take payment by bitcoin. Although all products are priced in British pounds (GBP) it makes no difference as bitcoin is a universal cryptocurrency. Just add the product to your shopping cart then check out and you will get the price in bitcoin.

We Guarantee delivery or full refund

We offer a full guarantee on all HGH orders in the USA. we will more than likely have the product in stock in the USA any way so there is no problems with passing customs. Even if we do not have it in stock and we have to ship from abroad (the UK) then we offer a guaranteed delivery or refund. To qualify for this assurance you must provide us with a real address to ship to and allow tracking on your order. This is for us to check where the item is in case of a problem. We have never lost an item in the USA yet.

Delivery times are just a couple of days

For products that are already in stock in the US delivery times are just 1-3 business days. For items that are shipped in from the UK this brings the delivery time to approximately 7 days. Could be a little bit more or less. We cant be any more precise than that.

We only sell genuine authentic products

We realise that you may be concerned about the quality of any HGH you buy in the USA. To get around this problem we will take returns on any unopened products. They must be returned to us with a week and all seals and packaging must be intact. We will instruct you how to do this should you need to return a product.

No prescription required

The FDA states that US users or potential buyers of human growth hormone require a prescription before they can buy this product. This is frankly ridiculous. Why should you need a prescription for something that is produced naturally in the human body. For this reason we will never ask you for a prescription. If you have one thats fine but we will not ask to see it.

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