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HGHUK.BIZ holds stock in the UK so we guarantee delivery as items do not have to pass customs.  We also have a shipping agent in the USA so likewise we are able to supply in just a couple of days.  If we take your order we guarantee delivery or a full refund. Please supply us with a real address to ship to to make this guarantee. We will not offer this guarantee for PO boxes, work addresses etc.




We take payment by bitcoin. We use this because its untraceable. This is essential for us as we are selling controlled medicines/drugs. We DO NOT take payments by PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS. Please do not ask. One of the best places to buy bitcoins is at www.localbitcoins.com amongst other places.  Here is a video showing you how to do it.

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So why should you choose hghuk.biz as you source of HGH and steroids.

  • So you obviously will be worried about 2 things-will I actually receive my order and will it be genuine HGH when and if it does arrive.
  • We sell Pharma Grade HGH

We sell several different brands of HGH and some of the more well known brands of popular anabolic steroids. We sell Genotropin Go-Quick pens, GENUINE Jintropin, Hygetropin, Ansomone,Serostim, Norditropin, Humatrope. All of our products are certifiable. All of our HGH products have all the authentication codes, batch numbers, fibre seals and holograms where applicable. Jintropin is also certified by the Chinese government. Jintropin is a multibillion dollar industry regulated by the Chinese state and not some bathtub operation as some people seem to think.

  • Authenticity. Each and every product in HGH UK is original, and you can easily verify it by yourself. Each kit has a unique security code that you can check on the official website.


Jintropin – Gensci-china.com

Ansomone – ankebio.com

Hygetropin – хайген-биофарм.рф (website of Hygetropin is certified for Russian pharmacies)

All of our HGH kits are guaranteed authentic with all relevant fibre seals, holograms, verification codes so the faking of these products is so difficult that the fakers stick to easier targets such as Riptropin etc.

We assure you that you will definitely get genuine HGH, otherwise we will refund you!

We try to be as competitive as we can when it comes to pricing. We offer Pharmaceutical products from blue chip companies such as Pfizer and Novo Nordisk as well as better value HGH powders like Kigtropin, Jintropin and Ansomone. The vast majority of our customers use HGH for body building who don’t mind mixing the HGH powders themselves and so save massively. You can buy Genotropin or Humatrope if you want for its ease of use but if you don’t mind some mixing you can easily get double the HGH for the same price. You don’t need to spend 500-800 $ for 100 IU of Genotropin, when they can buy it from us discounted. There are HGH products for sale of equal quality 2-3 times cheaper – from 190 $/100 IU (Hygetropin)

Turkish Humatrope

Our HGH is stored correctly to prevent degradation of the product

Our HGH is protected from damaging storage conditions. HGH in our shop is produced using liophilization technology (freeze-drying) and vials are vacuum-packed – Our products only take 1-2 days to reach UK and US customers. We provide 3-5 days delivery times to anywhere else.

We can offer cold packaging

Normally its OK to keep HGH outside of cold storage for the purposes of shipping. However some hot countries such as Dubai require the item to be kept below 30 Centigrade so we provide cold packaging. Please ask us about this if you are from a hot climate.

We can offer cold chain packaging at a reasonable cost


steroids sale

We try to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum and can offer combined shipping.

We have a small selection of Steroids

Discreet HGH Packaging

We pack HGH very discreetly and never mention any pharmaceutical contents inside. For this reason, we have very low seizure rates. In any case we refund if any product is seized. UK and USA customers need not worry as we ship domestically in those countries.Free reship in the case of seizure. Although we have very high success delivery rate – 100 % to the US and UK and 98 % to Europe, we will reship your package for free if it’s seized by customs.


Most HGH and steroid websites will ship to Australia but do not offer a guarantee if the product is seized. We will however offer a guarantee of delivery or a refund. We are quite good at getting items into Australia and we are getting better at it all the time.

If you are concerned about any other aspect of delivery we can come up with a solution between us. We often get requests to send the items without the packaging or disguise it in some other way, for example as an Ebay item. We are happy to do this and will send a photo of the item in its original packaging with verification codes to show it is the genuine HGH article.

Bulk Discounts

We supply to several re-sellers so if you would like to receive bulk discounts on HGH or steroids please contact us and tell us what you are interested in.

genotropin uk

Information on buying HGH

Although we try tout all the information on the website we accept there may be things that you are unsure about or would like further clarification. Please contact us for friendly advice on any HGH or steroid product. We aim to offer the best customer service we can.

What is the best brand for me?

Its probably best to avoid the generic HGH. A lot of it can be very good but if you haven’t used that particular HGH vendor before, you really are taking a chance that you will be buying junk.  Its far safer to go with a known brand. Also avoid unknown or new brands until something further is known about them. If you cannot find any information about them such as official websites or legit pharmaceutical companies. If you buy unknown or generic HGH there is a good possibility you will get something that is actually harmful or some other peptide such as the much cheaper HCG.

Green tops blue tops or other coloured tops

These can be an unknown quantity. Its impossible to tell whats in an unknown glass vial just by the colour of the tops. Its costs millions of dollars to set up a fermentation plant capable of producing human growth hormone. This means that someone who had a bench sized lab will be unable to produce it.

Feedback and Reviews

So you can always get feedback on forums and body building HGH sites. Always take these reviews though with a pinch of salt. They can be full of very opinionated  people who make out they are experts when in fact they could be anyone. You can also get vendors trying to push their particular brands products etc.

Buy from the big pharmaceutical companies

With these you will know you are getting guaranteed grade A HGH. You will pay a premium price for it but for the peace of mind this can be worth it. Plus the likes of Humatrope and Genotropin pens are much easier to use for the novice.

Its also particularly difficult for fakers to produce fake humatrope and genotropin pens so they tend to leave these alone as the hassle is just not worth the money they could make from it.

GenSci-china.com – official website of Jintropin factory


The Jintropin we sell  has the verifiable unique code which you can check on the above website to confirm authenticity. Its also has the stickers contain the all important fibres and holograms. Ansomone also has these security features.


Price is also a factor when it comes to buying HGH. If you are reading this then you are most probably a body builder who will require larger doses than those using HGH for anti-ageing purposes. If you are using upwards of 5iu per day it can get quite expensive. Its for this reason you will probably choose powders like Jintropin and Ansomone over Norditropin, Humatrope etc.

So you can pay 2-3 times the price for Western Pharma HGH if you like but the Jintropin coming out of China can be equally as good.

So What are the best Chinese Brands go HGH I can buy?

Well you cant really go wrong with Jintropin, Ansome and Hygetropin is quite good as well. These products are made in well established and run pharmaceutical operations which has established a reputation for quality over the years. The operate along GMP lines which is techno babble for  Good Manufacturing Practices. For which they must obtain the appropriate certificates which means they are regularly checked.

You do have to be careful with fakes here however. A lot of fakers buy generic HGH and just re-label it as Jintropin, Ansomone etc…you get the picture. So always check that the security codes match up on the corresponding websites and that the fibre seals and holograms are genuine.

You can validate your Jintropin here http://old.gensci-china.com/gensci/Verification.asp

Genuine Ansomone

Ansomone is protected from counterfeiting as well. It has a sticker on the front of a kit, and 2 holograms – on the top and on the bottom. Under these holograms there are security numbers checkable on AnkeBio website http://www.ankebio.com/english/ansomone.asp?third_id=4

Each kit contains 10 smaller carton packs with HGH vial, ampoule of bac water and instruction.

Distinguishing feature of genuine Ansomone  is a plastic bag with a diamond cutter for opening ampoules with water for injections.

buy hgh
Ansomone in temperature controlled packaging

What are the best HGH pens?

HGH pens are all made by the big Western pharmaceutical companies which are heavily regulated. They are all pretty much the same quality, which is excellent. But you do pay extra for them. The most popular HGH pens are Genotropin Go-Quick by Pfizer, Norditropin by Novo Nordisk and Humatrope by Lilly

What is HGH?

Well its a hormone thats produced naturally in our bodies and its in abundance when we are young. It makes us grow, surprise surprise. However it does decline as we get older so people often try to replace it or add to it in order to grow more muscle or stay younger. HGH also has role in producing another hormone called IGF-1  (insulin like growth factor 1) which also has an effect on muscle growth and anti-ageing. In fact some people just do away with the growth hormone altogether and inject (insulin like growth factor 1) for specific effects.

What benefits can I get from HGH?

People use it to gain clean quality muscle. This is opposed to dirty bulking which some steroids produce. The muscle quality is not as good with these steroids as they cause water retention and only increase muscle cell size. HGH increases both the size of muscle cells as wells the quantity. It wont cause water retention either. HGH will also remove fat at the same time as promoting muscle growth.

Before and after 4 months of HGH and gym work

Fat Loss

HGH will promote fat loss especially around the midriff area. This is even without adjusting your diet. Its thought that there are receptors in the fat cells around this area the are sensitive to the HGH molecule.

What results can I expect with HGH?

This really is an open ended question as there are many variables such as, sex, age, diet, health, exercise etc. But if its real HGH and you are taking it for two months at 5iu per day you will ket about 6-7 KG of muscle. Of course these aren’t the only benefits. You will also lose fat. get better skin and hair, increase libido and improve energy levels as well as improving brain function.

General HGH dosage

Well it depends what you want to do with it but here is a general guide

General dosing for different purposes

•1-3 IU – healing of traumas, anti-aging therapy, improvement of skin, hair and nails

•4-8 IU – good dosage for bulking cycle combined with fat loss.

•8-15 IU – for professional sportsmen and athletes with lots of experience.

Do you sell HGH sprays patches or pills?

No because they don’t work. Real HGH can only be injected with the possible exception of the Teva T-Ject pen which forces a dose of HGH through the skin without using a needle.

HGH pills dont exist because they would get digested in the stomach. If you see HGH pills for sale these will only be amino acids which are though to increase the bodies own production of HGH very slightly so are basically useless.

HGH Patches don’t work as HGH cannot be absorbed by the skin

How to mix HGH?

1 Take off the top of the vial

2 Us an alcohol wipe to clean the top of the vial

3 Use an insulin syringe to take up 1ml of water which should fill the barrel

4 Push the needle through the top f the vial and SLOWLY inject the water

5 Wait until the HGH is dissolved. You may need to rotate the vial slowly

6 Now you can use the HGH or place it in the fridge for storage

Are there any dangers to using HGH

Yes, you shouldn’t use HGH if you have diabetes. HGH can increase your blood sugar levels.

You should also not use HGH if you have cancer. HGH will not cause cancer but the jury is out as to wether it can accelerate it.

Here are some of the side effects of HGH

1 It can cause slight water retention if you are taking high doses of very pure HGH. Although it does not cause water retention to the same extent that steroids can.

2 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome This is a pain in the wrists and forearms caused by a build up of pressure in the median nerve. This side effect does not last. Its also an indicator that the HGH is working..

3 Pancreatic problems. If you are taking high doses of HGH this can cause elevated glucose levels which the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to cope with. This can be remedied by injecting insulin.

4 Thyroid problems. In very rare instances and at high doses thyroid function can be suppressed.

5 Red, sore injection sites. This is most often caused by fake or low grade HGH


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