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Welcome to HGH UK. Here you can buy human growth hormone shipped from the UK. This is essential for UK customers who could be leaving themselves open to prosecution by importing HGH from abroad. Until a few years ago it was legal for UK HGH and steroid users to import them from abroad. This changed in 2012 when it became illegal to import HGH to the UK. Now if you want to buy HGH in the UK you can have it shipped domestically. This stops you doing anything illegal.


  • What payment options do you use? Ans: We use bitcoin
  • Can I use my credit card or paypal? Ans: No, these payment methods are traceable and we are selling controlled drugs.
  • How long before I receive my order: Ans: If you are in the UK its 1-2 working days. For any other country its 3-6 days.
  • How do I know your products are legit? Ans: We take pride in offering genuine products for sale. If for any reason you do want want the item when it arrives we will offer refunds on the return of UNOPENED goods, ie the seal hasn’t been broken on the product. Steroids must be returned within 2 weeks, HGH must be returned within 5 days so we can store it at the correct temperature.
  • Do you offer tracking: Ans: Yes, for the UK we send items as “special delivery” for the rest of the world we use DHL. If you do not wish to sign for an item let us know and we will send it as you requested.
  • What if my item doesn’t arrive? Ans: We offer a full refund for any item which does not arrive. We will not ship to any countries where we are not confident of being able to deliver successfully. This is why we are able to offer a refund. We never leave anybody empty handed.

What benefits does HGH bring?

HGH is the shortened name for human growth hormone. Its the hormone we all have when growing up into adulthood. When we reach adulthood in the UK HGH levels drop off dramatically. This is one of the main reasons we age. The lack of HGH in our systems.  People buy HGH in the UK for a variety of different reasons. The two major reasons are body building and anti-ageing. HGH is a well known muscle growth agent. This is why we put on a lot of muscle mass during our growing up years. Body builders use it to get more muscle in the gym. It increases muscle and bone mass. Its also responsible for a whole host of other beneficial results.

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Fitness, better health and HGH are known to increase the libido

HGH is often preferred amongst body builders in the UK than steroids. This is because HGH is a natural hormone which the body produces itself. Therefore you will not get the nasty side effects that steroids can cause. HGH use in the UK can have several positive benefits when it comes to body building. It actually increases the number of muscle cells. This is in contrast to anabolic steroids which only increases the size of each muscle cell. Because HGH causes an increase in the number of muscle fibres in each cell. Also it wont cause water retention like some steroids do. HGH also increases the strength and integrity of other proteins in the body. In the UK bodybuilders who use HGH will also notice an increase in the strength of connective tissue. This is important as connective tissue attaches the muscle to the bone. Therefore it needs to be stronger to accommodate larger muscles.


So you can buy HGH UK to work out and get bigger. Another reason people buy HGH is to slow ageing. There is no evidence that HGH can slow ageing or make you younger. But, it can remedy most of the bad aspects of getting older. As already mentioned HGH can increase muscle mass. This is great for older people who have lost muscle mass due to age. This is called sarcopenia and its a natural part of getting older. Things don’t need to be this way though. HGH can bring back muscle mass no matter how old you are.

Its not only muscle that HGH produces

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HGH removes fat just under the skin

HGH can also boost the cardiovascular system. It will increase skeletal muscle. It will also increase general cardio health. Its also know to remove fat especially around the stomach area. In studies looking at how HGH in the UK affects fat. It was found that it was effective in reducing fat directly under the skin. This is great because it shows off the muscle better if not covered by a layer of fat. Its also known to make the skin younger by a couple of different mechanisms. Firstly it allows the skin to hold onto water better keeping it hydrated and plumping it out. Secondly it increases collagen (a protein) in the skin. Of course as you all know collagen is responsible for giving skin its youthful elasticity. Its not by coincidence that burns victims in hospital are given HGH to produce more skin. And that brings us to recovery after injury. HGH will speed up recovery times after any trauma. And as mentioned it will often be prescribed to patients after surgery or accidental injury. Its particularly good for treatment of sports related injuries. Its also good that it will boost your energy levels at the same time.

Another aspect which concerns recovery times is that after training. You will recover faster and build more muscle so you can get back to training more quickly. As you know most of the “body building” happens while you are at rest. This is when the body repairs itself and makes new muscle. HGH can decrease recovery times and speed up the rate at which muscle grows. You will also grow more muscle letting you train even harder.

What other benefits will HGH bring?

People buy HGH in the UK for a whole host of reasons other than body building. It will generally improve health. Its good for improving the immune system. This is great for staying healthy and fighting off disease. It increase the amount and quality of sleep we get. Ever heard of the expression sleep like a baby? This is because babies are full of HGH and do all their growing and body repair whilst they sleep. You can benefit too from increases rest if you buy HGH from HGH UK.

There are other not so clear cut benefits of taking HGH. Its said to increase the rate at which hair grows and also the quality of the hair. This is meant to mean that it improves the body and texture of the hair. Its also said to reduce grey hair but this is subjective. Some people say it does whilst others say that it has no effect. It will also increase the rate at which our nails grow.

HGH and Sex

HGH is known to produce an increased libido in both sexes no matter the age. It does this by physical changes but also mental changes. As we know all the sexiness we feel comes from our imagination. The physical changes that increase libido and sexual performance are many fold. Its know to increase blood flow to the sexual organs in both men and women. In the UK HGH is bought by men who want to prolong and maintain an erection. There is also some anecdotal evidence that HG can increase penis size. Its though to do this by generating growth in the erectile tissue and allowing greater blood flow to the region. This increases size and duration. Or its said to anyway. The jury is still out on that one.

HGH can be safely used by women

One physical change that HGH causes that increases libido is because of the hormone IGF-1. This is the hormone that actually does most of the work when we inject HGH in the UK. HGH causes the release of IGF-1 which is a master hormone which controls other sex hormones. It increases the sex hormones and rebalances them so we have some of the sex drive we had in our teens. Some middle aged HGH users in the UK have reported having a higher sex drive than they had in their teens. One thing is clear IGF-1 has a role in increasing the sex drive in a way which is not yet fully understood. In a study which happened in 2003  of people who suffered from “Sex addiction” and promiscuity were found to have high levels of IGF-1. This seemed to be particularly true in women who described themselves as nymphomaniacs. So a word of warning, be careful what you wish for HGH may just get you into more trouble than you anticipated. HGH UK users be warned.

Will HGH make me live longer?

Nobody really knows yet. Because HGH has only been in mainstream use for 20 years at the most we cannot yet know. It takes some statistics which require data which will only be available further down the road. In the meantime it cant be a bad idea to keep taking it. Just to hedge your bets and take it just in case. HGH certainly addresses some of the bad points of growing older. It improves the metabolic pathways and the health of organs. It increases cardiovascular ability. It also improves mental function. If this is the case it makes sense that it could also prolong life. It certainly improves the quality of life into old age.

Improved mental function

Its know the HGH UK users have a noticeable improvement in mental agility. There seems to also be some correlation between HGH levels and resistance to degenerative diseases. Diseases such as Parkinsons and dementia are rarer in those with elevated levels of HGH. HGH is also a master hormone which has some control over the production of neurotransmitters. Since neurotransmitters and their receptors are themselves proteins it looks like HGH can increase quantity and quality of them.

Are there any side effects to taking HGH?

There are side effects when taking massive doses of HGH. We have seen in the past some people who have had a tumour on their pituitary produce large amounts of HGH. These massive doses are not the sort of levels that any HGH UK user would take so there is no real need to worry about giantism etc. Weve seen people in the past with overactive pituitary glands grow to quite massive heights. There are also some concerns about cancer. As you may or may not know cancer is the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. When taking HGH you are increasing the growth of cells. At present there is no known connection between HGH and cancer there is a theoretical danger there. If you have cancer or have suffered from cancer in the past we would say not to take buy from us at  HGH UK just to be on the safe side. This is until more facts are known.

There are also no sex specific side effects concerning HGH. Both men and women can take HGH and expect roughly the same response unlike steroids which can mess about with the sex hormones a lot. Transgender people either male to female or visa versa can benefit from taking HGH. HGH will not affect whatever hormone treatment is being taken. It can also help in creating muscle with larger does or creating smoother softer more feminine skin and looks with lower doses. HGH is becoming more popular amongst the transgender community as its seen what benefits can be had.


Thanks for taking the time to visit us here at HGH UK and learning about the benefits to be had. We offer a range of HGH powders and pens which are all fully guaranteed or money back. HGH pens offer convenience and very high quality but are more expensive. The powders we stock must be mixed themselves but are equally as good and better value. We let you decide when you visit our shop.