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HGH levels dramatically reduce after age 35

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Users and Makers of HGH make incredible claims about it benefits. Are they true and are there any dangers to be aware of?

Take HGH and solve all the health concerns older men have about ageing. Well this is the idea anyway. It can prevent muscle breakdown, get rid of that middle age spread and increase your sex drive and make you look younger. Whats more this is  not just anecdotal evidence. This is real Science substantiating what a lot of us have known for a long time. Whilst HGH may not be the fountain of youth it comes a pretty close second.

HGH what is it?

HGH is a hormone that the body produces naturally in healthy individuals. Its produced in the brain and it controls growth in children. It also acts as a master hormone regulating other hormones in the body. So its not just needed in children. We also need it when we are adults.

Nowadays nearly anyone can take HGH if they so wish because of the biotechnology industry. Before it was made synthetically in the lab the only way to get it was to harvest it from cadavers. Today clean HGH is available from a variety of makers and pharmaceutical companies.

I want to take HGH what are the benefits?

HGH keeps you mentally well balanced. It makes you feel good about yourself, improves mood and reduces stress. Its also known to make us, well, happy! for want of a better word. Physically it keeps cholesterol levels down and  maintains heart health. Its also known to speed up recovery after injury and increase bone mass. In fact its used in hospitals to treat burns victims. It promotes new skin growth.

But its HGH’s ability to promote new muscle growth, burn off belly fat and make new proteins such as collagen which HGH is probably best known for. HGH in turn switches on another hormone called IGF1 which causes new muscle growth. If you are struggling at the gym to put on any decent muscle low HGH could be the culprit. Luckily its now quite easy to remedy this and take HGH to replenish those dwindling amounts.

Body builders love it because it makes new muscle

Of course not just people who have a clinical deficiency of HGH take it. Even young people can take it to give them a leg up in the gym. But it works especially well in older guys giving them back the youthful vitality they once had. So it works in both young and old for those wanting to put on that muscle. The great thing about growth hormone compared to steroids is that HGH actually creates new muscle cells whereas steroids only increase the size of the muscle cell.

HGH levels reduce as we get older

So while its highly unlikely that you have a HGH deficiency. It is none the less true that levels fall as we age. The decline starts in your twenties and gets worse as we get past our mid thirties. There is a term called the somatopause which means we are in a HGH deficient state. This happens when we get past 40. When we get into our mid sixties we could be producing only 30% of what we did in out twenties.

Its lack of HGH that make us go through most of the symptoms of middle age. If your having aches and pains, putting on weight, feeling tired and depressed. as well as losing muscle. This is, more than likely down to low HGH levels. Its also known that low motivation and a morose mood can be down to declining HGH levels. Low GH is also thought to be responsible for thinning and wrinkling skin. Low HGH can have as bad an effect on the skin as UV light can cause.

I want to take HGH where do I get it?

You can get it from your doctors although you must have a prescription. And, if you pay for your prescriptions you will wince at the cost of HGH. You were able to buy HGH at a fraction of the cost of western HGH online but the big pharmaceutical companies lobbied government to ban these imports. It wasn’t out of any concern for the users of HGH just that they wanted to protect their market. However you can still buy it today, just see our shop for a range of products.

Synthetic HGH is identical to that produced in the human body.

There is absolutely no difference between the synthetic HGH produced in a lab to the HGH produced in the body. Because of this you do not have to worry about an immune reaction or your body rejecting it. In fact it is very low in side effects compared to steroids. There are some stories of growing jawlines and forehead (acromegaly) though this is very rare and normally only seen in people with an overactive pituitary gland. If you think of the actor Richard Kiel who played Bond villain Jaws in the “Spy who loved me” you will see someone with acromegaly. If used at recommended 4iu per day for bodybuilding you wont have any problems.



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