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HGH dosage explained

What dose of HGH should I take?

First of all lets explain the units you may encounter

HGH is always measured in either IU’s (international Units) or MG’s (Milligrams). One milligram contains approx 3iu.

HGH Conversion

1mg = 3iu

1iu = 0.33mg

Powdered HGH usually comes as vials containing 10iu

Most powdered HGH comes in packs of  100iu (33mg). This will usually consist of  10 vials each containing 10iu (3.3mg) of powder pictured.

hgh dose
A typical 10iu (3.3mg) vial of HGH

What dosage should I take for bodybuilding?

For bodybuilding you should be taking minimum 4iu per day. Most body builders take between 4-6iu each day split into two doses. You can take it as a single dose but its is much better to take half at breakfast 6am-9am and the other half at dinner 3pm-6pm. This helps to even out the HGH levels in the blood giving maximum exposure, and so benefit. Its not really recommended to take HGH just before bedtime as this can interfere with the bodies natural production of HGH which happens during sleep.

What’s the dosage for anti ageing?

The usual HGH dosage for anti ageing is 2iu per day. Its quite acceptable to take HGH as a single dose when using it in this manner. At these dosing levels its very unlikely that someone will experience HGH side effects. You should though enjoy the benefits. Some users cite 3iu per day as the optimum best dose. This is because its beneficial to body builders and anti agers and unlikely to produce side effects. It can also be taken as a single dose.

What about treatment of injuries or burns?

HGH is often used in hospitals specifically for this purpose. Its used at quite a high dose usually in the region of 8-16iu per day. The higher end of the dosage is used for short periods to treat serious burns. Its not used for longer periods at these high dosages because of the severity of side effects. The side effects at these high dosages will subside once the HGH is discontinued.

How long can I take HGH for?

You can take HGH without a break for as long as you want. Or as long as you can afford to. You should do at least a month to begin to see the effects.


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