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Riptropin is the brand name for average but popular somatropin HGH product. It is pure 191 amino acid somatropin and reported to be made by their recombinant bacterial secretion process so it should not be contaminated somatrem or 192 amino acid HGH. Downstream processing removes a lot of the  contaminants such as bacterial debris but there have been known to be some issues with redness at  injection sites which could indicate its not such a pure product.

Fakers of Riptropin seem to use the same serial number (9910839982682370)

The fakers of Riptropin seem to use only one serial number so the fakes are very easy to spot. They can’t even be bothered changing the numbers around. That said a lot of the fakes are equally as good or if not better than Riptropin. This is because it’s comparable with a lot of generic HGH on the market today. And in a lot of cases the generic hGH is better. So if you have bought a fake do not despair you may well have a better riptropin uk

Riptropin comes in 100iu Kits

Riptropin Kits come in 100 IU boxes and should contain the bacteriostatic water as well. Once the water has been mixed with the powder it should be stored in the fridge and used within 30 days or it may well go bad after this time.

Its Popular in the UK

Riptropin (along with Hygetropin) seems to be very popular in UK and not really anywhere else. The place Riptropin makes most of its sales is actually in the UK. The product is made in China by an unknown underground lab which is all well and good but  why go for  something just average when you can get a better product for not that much more money. Ordinarily we would not stock Riptropin as we are not satisfied with the quality or consistency of this product but we do get asked for it and so we stock it for this reason.

Packaging is a bit tatty
Packaging is a bit tatty

Its the same HGH used by others

It contains the same recombinant growth hormone product as other more expensive products do it’s just that it seems to be lower quality than the rest. You can still use it safely if there is nothing else available. As it is full 191 amino acid somatropin the same hormone produced in the pituitary gland and that’s makes us grow muscle and bone and all the rest of it. It’s nearly exclusively used by bodybuilders. Women tend not to use it so much. There is no reason for women that use it but it is just linked with bodybuilders more.

And so if you buy Riptropin just be aware that it’s not the same quality as a lot of of other brands of Somatropin. But it will do in squeeze. It may sound strange that we are talking down product we are selling. But we just want to give people the full facts and let them make up their mind. There are plenty of other HGH brands on HGH UK  which are not much more expensive, but are a much better product.

Even the packaging looks shabby

The Packaging on Riptropin looks rather cheap and shabby and doesn’t really say “Inject Me” However if you have used this product before and like it who are we to say you can’t use. And so we have for sale. We sell Riptropin because we constantly get asked for it so somebody must be doing something right somewhere. And on the forums people constantly say they get great results along with the others who say its bunk and would never use it.

Lets see what Riptropin does

Even though if you are reading this website you should know what HGH does we will go through it again. Maybe there is something you have missed.

Riptropin will

  1. Increase muscle in fact this is what it’s primarily used for
  2. Get rid of fat especially around the midriff
  3. Give greater energy levels
  4. Give shorter recovery times between training periods
  5. Speed up recovery after injury
  6. Thicken skin and hair and make it grow faster, and some say reduce greys
  7. Increase the density of bone mass
  8. Improve metabolic function
  9. Improved mood and increased positive attitude
  10. Turn your sex drive into overdrive
  11. Generally feel much better about yourself
  12. Cosmetically look much better
  13. And health wise be much better

buy hgh riptropinAnd the list goes on. We all know what HGH does but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. And so being hGH Riptropin, will tick all of these boxes.riptropin uk

There is nothing really that Riptropin will do that other brands of human growth hormone will not do. Although some people do say that it produces rather higher levels of insulin like growth factor IGF-I in serum tests. This could be good if you are planning just to build muscle and strength and are not really bothered with the other benefits that HGH brings. In conclusion we would say that Riptropin is an acquired taste. Some people have had very good experiences with it and continue to buy it. Whilst others rue the day they heard the name Riptropin.