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It was the original it was the one that started it all and now it’s back again, Jintropin it Is available to buy and it’s as good as it always was. It became quite difficult to get a few years ago, and because people couldn’t buy Jintropin they resorted to lesser HGH products.  A few HGH manufacturers trying to fill a gap by claiming that their product was in fact Jintropin but very often and it was just cheap generic labelled HGH packaged to look like Jintropin. Therefore it became very difficult to buy original Jintropin in the UK. But now the Chinese manufacturing company Gensci (Jinsai) are back in full scale production and so Gen-Lei Jintropin is available to buy in the UK and elsewhere in the world. There is now less to worry about as regards fakes. When you buy Jintropin now you can be certain its the genuine Products you are getting and not some fake.

Buy Jintropin

Buy Jintropin uk

Its still the best in our opinion

We consider it still to be the best freeze-dried powdered recombinant hGH on the market today. We say this because it is excellent Quality for the price. If you were to buy a similar product from any of the big western pharmaceutical companies you would be paying three times the price for a very similar product.

Why is it so popular?

Jintropin has remained popular in the UK, and around the world for some good reasons.

  1. Its made by a major Chinese pharmaceutical company kept under government regulation
  2. Price, its an excellent product compared to the price you are paying for it
  3. Quality, This is always good compared to some of the bath tub operations we sometimes see  in China
  4. Reputation, its always had a great reputation and brand awareness. This was somewhat damaged when Jintropin went out of production for awhile and the fakers moved in to take advantage. But now its back and just as good as it ever was
  5. Availability, Jintropin has become easy to buy  again after being rarer than hens teeth for several years.
  6. Potency, if you dont get some great results with Jintropin go to the Doctors, there must be something wrong with you.

Jintropin is usually presented in 10x4iu packs or more usually 10x10iu pcks. The 100iu kits of jintropin are the most popular. Today the company also makes 2.5iu vials and 4.5iu vials in the newer packaging.

Nowadays Jintropin has anti-counterfeitering fibres
Nowadays Jintropin has anti-counterfeiting fibres


Buy Jintropin for a variety of reasons

Jintropin is most often purchased by body builders and those more elderly people looking for a better quality of life. In the UK its fair to say its most often bodybuilders who use it. UK bodybuilders usually take 2iu in the morning and another 2iu in the evening to maintain high levels of Jintropin in the blood. Because of the half life of Jintropin most benefit is obtained by injecting twice per day. Those wanting Jintropin just to look and feel younger may take lesser amounts and dont need to inject so often.

Jintropin is purified several times

Jintropin is manufactured using the secretion process which enables the downstream products to be made extremely clean. Prior to this the manufacturing process was the inclusion process. Inclusion bodies were removed from modified bacteria but it was more difficult to me pure and clean. Nowadays Jintropin along with most other HGH products is purified this way. Jintropin was also known to go through several other purification processes which make the products very clean. This is great to know because we want to be sure what we’re injecting into our bodies is of the finest quality. Most customers in the UK consider Jintropin to being of the finest quality. This is why it’s so popular.

Jintropin now produces different sized kits in the newer packaging. You can purchase 2.5x10iu, 4.0x10iu 4.5x10iu and of course the most famous 10x10iu kits



Gensci are government controlled

Goverment officials are heavily involved in Jintropin quality control.
Goverment officials are heavily involved in Jintropin quality control.

As with all business in China they are heavily state controlled. This means that the government simply will not allow any failure in the quality of the product as it reflects on national pride. So because the government also involved you can be guaranteed a great product because it not you can be sure heads will roll. It’s the point of national pride that high-tech products such as the pharmaceutical products are the best quality and certainly on par that anything to West has to offer. That’s when why you by Jintropin you can be sure you are getting an excellent product.

List of possible new benefits of Jintropin UK

The list of benefits that HGH and especially Jintropin has to offer in the UK is well known. But there are now coming to the fore  newer benefits that were not immediately noticed. A surprising one of thses is that Jintropin can cause an increase in the flexibility of the lens contained in the eye. As we get older the lens tends to harden and become less flexible. This makes it more difficult to focus especially when reading, this is why we need reading glasses as we get older. The lens is made of collagen and collagen is a protein. Its now thought that HGH can have a beneficial effect on the flexibility of the lens. People have been purchasing Jintropin in the uK with this in mind. So now it seems Jintropin can give you more muscle, make you younger, improve your eyesight, increase libido and strip fat. Its now wonder Jintropin is the number one selling HGH product in the UK