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People didn’t buy Anavar so much in the past because of the price. Now however its much more affordable

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Buy Anavar only if you want quality moderate muscle gains and minimal side effects


Oxandrolone, to give it it’s proper name has always been more expensive than other steroids such as dianabol and anadrol. And people didn’t buy anavar so much not because it isn’t a good steroid. It is. Its very good. It was just because it costed so much more than other tried and tested steroids like dianabol etc.

So Anavar isn’t the strongest steroid and it wont pack on muscle like other steroids will. So what makes it so popular? Well Anavar is so coveted for two reasons: Its produces quality lean muscle and it has minimal side effects. So its a trade off. If Anavar would put on more muscle it would probably be the only oral anabolic steroid anyone would ever  take. It wont blow you up and for some people who like to keep it discrete this is a good thing. It also brings about excellent strength. And if you need it for cutting it goes particularly well on a calorie restricted diet. Its often said that Anavar will polish you off when coming up to competition.

Its also a steroid that can be used safely by women   

Women obviously don’t want to suddenly find that they have to start shaving halfway through a steroid cycle. Or for that matter suddenly gain a deep voice. Anavar is very low on the androgenic scale. Anavar is one of the few steroids that its safe for women to take. The recommended daily dose for women is about 10mg per day but you can go up to 30mg if you so wish. And of course women will not need to run a PCT with Anavar unlike men.

Its a C17 Alkylated steroid

OK so what does this mean? It means its been chemically engineered to pass through the liver and not be cleared from the system. So it stays in your body and does its magic. But this does mean its liver toxic and so like all C17 alkylated steroids you should stay on it for no longer than 6 weeks. Its also very advisable to avoid alcohol at the same time as taking this steroid.

Anavar and muscle

As already touched upon, Anavar will not suddenly make you pack on masses of muscle like other steroids. What it does however is to give great quality muscle. A lot of users say that it gives muscle like slabs of stone. This muscle is great for cutting as it will show off that six pack like never before. It does not give the watery puffy appearance that is caused by water retention of other steroids. This is because it will not convert to estrogen. Its well known that its estrogen causes water retention and can give men in particular problems such as Gynecomastia ie the formation of breast tissue. The worrying thing about this side effect is that the only way to remedy this is through surgery. So the great thing about Anavar isthat Gynecomastia is not something you need to worry about.


Anavar whilst not a bulking steroid is a strength steroid. It does produce very significant increases in strength and this helps  in training helping you to use heavier weights.

You wont have to worry about Gynecomastia when you buy Anavar as it doesn’t convert to estrogen

For Guys

Guys will have to run (or are recommended to) run a post cycle therapy course PCT after cycling some Anavar. This is because taking the steroid will shut down your own natural testosterone production. And for a period after the course when you are not taking steroids you will also have no natural testosterone being produced in your testes. This can be distracting in a number of ways, firstly without testosterone you will have virtually no sex drive. It would be quite an achievement even to manage a half hearted erection in this period. Secondly some of the gains you have made could disappear until natural testosterone production comes back. One way of getting it to come back quickly is by taking Clomid or Nolvadex. These will kickstart testosterone production again. Your natural testosterone will come by eventually by itself but you don’t want to be waiting longer than you have to. so a PCT strategy should be in place for when you finish your course. When you buy anavar its best to buy your PCT at the same time. Vendors will often sell them as bundles anyway.

There is also a very small possibility that it can cause some hair loss in susceptible men. It does convert to DHT to there is a vanishingly small chance that some hair loss could occur. This could be something to bear in mind when considering Anavar.

Its best to take Anavar everyday during the cycle rather than just alternating days

How to use Anavar

For men the recommended daily dosage is 50-100mg per day. There is a school of thought which says it was usual for guys to take it just for every other day. This is OK but its better to take it every day. This practice probably came about because Anavar used to be so expensive that guys often skipped a day just to stretch it out a bit more. However nowadays you can buy Anavar much more cheaply so this is not necessary. As mentioned before the dosage for women is 10-30mg per day.


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